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      • 成衣免烫_领英服饰
      • 成衣免烫_领英服饰
      • 成衣免烫_领英服饰



      Foshan Linking Apparel Co Ltd
      Tel:020-37684816  13926089117

      佛山领英服饰有限公司Foshan Linking Apparel Co Ltd located on Shishan High-New Technology Zone at the famous textile city foshan of China, we only focus on 100% cotton high-end garment dipping Shirt & Pants (High-end non-iron shirt & Pants), with this purpose we established a professional garment dipping factory on Chungshan City,China named Chungshan Linking Apparel Co Ltd, we established over 10,000 meter Modern Standard plant and totally enclosed type without dust DP workshop, Have a group of senior technical research and development and management personnel. In the product function research, design, production management, quality control has a very rich experience & technology. Currently is the one of a few garment dipping manufacturer all around the world. The company has sales offices in Guangzhou city of Guangdong province and Shaoxing city of Zhejiang.

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